WATCH: World's largest 3D Printed two-story building revealed in Dubai

It seems like a record is broken every week with 3D printing.

A company in Dubai, Warsan, has been working on this project for past few years to finally reveal its Guinness world record breaking first two-story 3D printed building.

“This project is a major turning point in the construction sector,” said Dawoud Al Hajri, Dubai Municipality director general. “3D printing technologies in construction will increase the speed of execution and completion of buildings in record time.

“This will reduce construction costs and contribute to the development of solutions to demographic challenges by reducing the number of construction workers.”

The way it was done is similar to FDM printing, the technology used by Z3D. However, instead of using plastics, cement is deposited layer by layer until the full building is constructed. Of course, manual work is still needed for finishing otherwise the final product looks like a blobbed madness.

Here is a video showcasing the two story 3D printed building in Dubai:

“Dubai’s 3D printing strategy aims to make it a global capital for this technology.”

Although this technology is still new and unproven, it has a great potential for the future of the industry. Such as any proof-of-concept, the idea of showcasing such possibilities only enhances the notion that 3D printing is still an untapped power that is yet to fully reveal itself in the industry. This is just the beginning of the industrial revolution 4.0.

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