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Z3D's Story

Z3D launched in 2019 to offer Dubai and the wider world easy access to 3D printing. With a straightforward website and a simple model upload process, turning your ideas into reality has never been easier. Z3D serves clients across all UAE emirates, the GCC, and internationally, demonstrating the vast potential of 3D printing. Reach out now for your projects, and you'll get your high-quality 3D prints tailored to your needs in no time.

بكل فخر،  هذا المشروع حاصل على علامة بمجهود الشباب  كدليل على أنه قائم بمجهود الشباب بشكل كامل

Z3D is proudly awarded the "Done by Youth" seal that recognises this project is made entirely by youth effort.


Rapid Prototyping

If you're starting with a rough design or already have a prototype, Z3D can create multiple versions of your product to assist in refining your design. This method is excellent for testing your product in small batches before transitioning to more costly manufacturing techniques.


Having detailed scale models of buildings and designs allows architects to better communicate and share ideas with their clients and the world. Z3D can 3D print your models with high dimensional accuracy and quality.

Multi-Colour Printing

Printing in multiple colors is a further step towards creating usable parts and products. It makes your prototypes visually appealing and allows for more detailed models. Multi-Colour 3D Printing also helps reduce the number of necessary post-processing steps such as painting, increasing cost efficiency.

Business Logos

The way you market your brand says a lot about your business, both directly and indirectly. Utilizing 3D Printing to create a unique, physical logo can give you the competitive edge you need to add to your market visibility.

Unique & Personal

Z3D specializes in crafting prototypes, collectibles, and limited runs of distinctive items, opening a world of possibilities for creating unique and personal pieces. From toys to custom and personalized gifts, Z3D is your go-to for crafting anything you can imagine

3D Designing

Got a broken piece or need a duplicate of something special? Just send it my way! And if you're starting from scratch with just an idea or a concept, Z3D can bring it to life. Simply reach out, share some photos and drawings with measurements to clue me in on your vision, and I'll handle the 3D modeling and printing. Let's make it happen!

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