Why you should start using QR Codes

Did you ever have a specific note or description that you'd like to share, store, or spread in the easiest way possible? For example, a link to your website (because no one has time to type it down manually), a link to your favourite video, image, document, linked-in profile, instagram profile, snapchat profile, whatsapp number, WiFi Password, or whatever pops in your mind. Sharing these require a few steps, all involve them digging into your phone's/computer's archive to find it!

But what if there is a way to quickly share particular info in less than 3 seconds?

Well, there is! And it's been around for a while now. The technology is called QR codes, or Quick Response codes. A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of a black and white pixel pattern which allows to encode up to a few hundred characters. What's more, your phone already has the feature to capture those QR codes instantly using your camera.

But how do you read QR Codes?

On iPhones, just open up your camera app and snap the QR Code. It will then prompt you with a notification to either display the info or save it (if it's a contact info for example). On Android, you can launch a QR code reader app!

The possibilities are endless, anything that has a digital footprint can be converted into a QR code. For example, we have a WiFi password QR code product in our shop that you can display for your customers at your home or coffee shop! Here is how it would look like:

Go ahead and scan this with your phone if you're using a desktop or iPad. If you're on your phone, then we have made a video to demonstrate how easy it is for you, your guests or your customers to scan this WiFi code and join your network instantly:

Simple, convenient, innovative. Anyone requesting your WiFi password will surely appreciate it.

WiFi QR codes are cool, but how else can you use them?

Keychains. You can carry it everywhere you go, and allow instant access to specific digital directories without a hassle. How would they work? Here's a video that showcases keychains with QR Codes.

Did you know we sell these in our Shop? Head over there and get your customised QR code keychain 3D printed just for you! If you got this far, thank you for reading the Blog, so here is a token of appreciation and enjoy 10% off all QR code related products by applying the coupon code IREADBLOGS at checkout ;)

Keychains are interesting, but what if you like to share your contact details more professionally?

Then look no further, you can share your Contact Card easily with QR codes. They say the first impression sticks forever. So what is a unique way to introduce your portfolio with someone and share your contact information on the fly?

It fits perfectly in your wallet, with the average size of contact cards and a thickness of credit cards, it's the perfect companion when meeting new people. You can choose to either give it out to leave a permanent signature with your acquaintance, or ask them to take a snapshot of your QR VCard and have your information instantly saved on their device. Leave a permanent impression when meeting people, 3D Print your own Vcard!

So here you have it, QR code WiFi stands, keychains and contact cards. The unique way to share whatever you like in an instant. Gone are the days where you have to dig into your archives just to find specific information that are used daily.

Be part of an innovative future, Z3D provides a way to stand out in a crowd with your personalised QR codes.

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