WATCH: a HUGE 3D Printer whip out an entire boat

The University of Maine just broke 3 world record for the world’s largest prototype polymer 3D printer, largest solid 3D printed object, and largest 3D printed boat.

The new 3D printer is designed to print objects as long as 30 meters by 7 meters wide by 3 meters high, and can print at 225 kg per hour. The one-of-a-kind printer will support several ambitious initiatives, including development of biobased feedstocks using cellulose derived from wood resources, and rapid prototyping of civilian, defense and infrastructure applications.

Watch the time-lapse video that shows the vessel’s record-setting, three-day construction come together in half a minute using the world’s largest prototype polymer 3D printer:

3D Printing will change the industry, this is only the beginning.

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