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You can now get an instant quote when uploading your 3D Models!

5 Simple Steps to get your models 3D Printed

We at Z3D aspire to make the experience of 3D printing your favorite models as easy as possible, and we know customers can feel discouraged due to the complexity of ordering 3D prints with industrial level companies, so we made it accessible and straightforward for you. Don't be distracted with getting a quotation, leave the heavy lifting for us.

Introducing the instant quote tool that provides you a quotation in less than 5 minutes!

So how does this work? It's easy, just follow the steps 5 steps that will lead you to submitting your model with quoted price and will review it for you and confirm the 3D Printing service required.

Step 1

Once you head to the order page to upload your model, you are welcomed with a screen showing you all the supported files such as .stl, .obj, .wrl, .step (.stp), .iges (.igs), .3mf, .dxf and .zip files up to 100 mb.

When the tool is done analysing your uploaded model, you can proceed to the next page for prices, it's that simple!

Automatic quotation tool at Z3D
Upload your models here

Step 2


This is where you can choose the different materials available at Z3D to print with, each come with advantages that differ from one another.

Layer Thickness

FDM works by depositing plastic one layer at a time. The layer thickness indicates how much detail you want to be shown on your model.

3D printing at Z3D showing different layer thickness resolution
3 Different layer thickness settings

It's quite simple, the layer thickness directly affects how smooth your model will end up looking as well as how refined the small details are retained. Check out the image below that shows how different resolutions smoothen out a straight line and a curve.

3D printed layer thickness resolution settings
A more detailed look at layer thickness


When 3D printing your model, void areas are filled with plastic material that make up the integrity of the final result. How much filling directly affects the rigidity of your model, but also affects the cost to make.

3D printing infill settings and filling options
Different Infill settings


Z3D employs a great range of colors for you to choose from. Here is a diagram that makes it easier to visualise how your models can turn out with the chosen color.