Our Services

Rapid Prototyping

Whether it's a rough design or a prototype, we can provide iterative versions of your product to help your design process. This is Perfect for low volume product tests before moving onto more expensive manufacturing processes.


Having detailed, scale models of buildings and designs allows architects to better communicate and share ideas with each other and their clients. We can 3D print your models with high dimensional accuracy and quality.

Multi-Colour Printing

Printing in multiple colors is a further step towards creating usable parts and products. It makes your prototypes visually appealing and allows for more detailed models. Multi-Colour models also helps reduce the number of necessary post-processing steps such as painting, increasing cost efficiency.


Custom Logos

The way you market your brand says a lot about your business, both directly and indirectly. Utilizing 3D printing to create a unique, physical logo can give you the competitive edge you need to add to your visibility.


Prototyping collectibles and small batches of unique pieces are only a few of the possibilities that Z3D makes possible. With the durability of the plastic materials we use, we provide a new opportunity for hobbyists and manufacturers to create items at a scale previously too costly to approach.

3D Modelling

If you only have an idea or a concept, we can 3D model your designs and have them 3D printed. All you have to do is contact us and upload some pictures to give us an idea of what you want designed, we’ll do the rest.